We are Honeydo Cleaners

Michelle Launchbury

Michelle Launchbury


I‘ve lived in the Seacoast area for the past 25 years and it truly is one of my favorite places to live! I’m a mom to 2 amazing teenagers, an energetic pre-teen, a 10-year old soccer player and the sweetest little bunny in the world. I enjoy traveling and experiencing different cultures, high adventure activities (like zip-lining and one day race car driving) but also low-key things like reading and writing, and I enjoy cooking when I have the time to do it!!

I love how much of a difference my job makes in people‘s lives. When every minute you have with your family is limited and precious, it’s wonderful to know that cleaning your house doesn‘t have to be a part of that equation. I’m blessed to be able to make that happen for people.

Our Mission

HoneyDo Cleaners is built upon a foundation of highest integrity.

We are dedicated to achieving the highest level of client satisfaction.

Our commitment in each client’s home is to maintain a consistent and detailed level of cleanliness.

We are flexible and willing to work to accommodate our client’s special cleaning needs.

We are a group of women who care for each client individually and for their homes, and to God be the Glory through us.